How AIDS Was Made






No, it is no. According to the documentation, it was created by nature, but not the composite of it. Dr. Streicher who was trying to discover what aids activity was kept fractionating. If you fractionate a bacteria cell, there are compounds that they put on it and it fractionates into 5 parts like I'd come apart at my joints. 

I've got six parts, cells like that go into five parts. That's always the way we react. These cells were dividing splitting in two, after a thousand he says, wait a minute. This is man spliced, this is manmade, only man made react like this. So, I took the two opposite sides, fused them together and found out they had the lymphonomic virus of a cow and the leukemic virus of a sheep. Those two viruses were put together, that's not natural. 

So, they spliced it together and that's how he found out who made it because he took the two names of those animal diseases and put them together in 15 different combinations. He happened to be in Los Angeles at the time, so he went to UCLA, the first name that he picked in combination that it might be called popped right up on the computer at UCLA. Then his brother who's an attorney tracked it and that's what the book "Bio attack Alert" is about. Documented. A Wisconsin or Minnesota Senator that helped him get that information from the war department, both of them were dead within three months, suicide and neither of them was suicidal and the likely Kennedy's stuff, but it's happening out there. There are greedy people and there are people that think that we're all ants and we're not worthy. They're running the country and they're important because they're running the country and they think that their judgment is the correct judgement. They are God 

Collective toxins create malfunctions, create degenerative tissue, places where disease forms. The more toxic you get, the more advanced your disease will get. 

It's not a natural one. So, it's like a non-natural antibiotic you put into your body. It's not natural. It will have degenerative effects on you. 

Yes. I'm saying there is natural disease. 

Toxins, yes. All of them are natural, but if you weren't eating cooked foods, you would never have any kind of toxins and if you weren't exposed to pollution, chemical pollution, industrial pollution, there would be no... 

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