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cooked starch

nut formula



Anxiety has nothing to do with that. Anxiety is having a lot of hormones for physical energy. Let's say you have a lot of estrogen and a lot of testosterone, but no adrenaline. The adrenaline is the most is the kicker to make you wanna be active in physical and exercise, but the testosterone and the estrogen are also physical orienteers, but they don't have the motivation type activity involved in it.

So, you can have a lot of testosterone, a lot of estrogen in your system, but not be motivated to do anything, yet you have to physically utilize that in physical activity, or you're going to go into anxiety. So, you have to force yourself to exercise in that situation. If you've got anxiety, exercise is your key, period.

Sure. You can eat the nut formula to help to bind with some of that hormone, but usually you're producing it every day. You can't eat the nut formula every day. You shouldn't eat cooked starch every day to bind with it. You need to fricking exercise.


Is miso and salt the same thing?



Miso is like 30% salt. Soy sauces, all of those are very concentrated in salt.

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