Honey, Butter and Saliva For Wrinkles

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When the bee collects the nectar, it swallows it and it produces an insulin-like substance that converts 90% of the carbohydrate into enzymes, protein structures, which are no longer carbohydrate bound, even though it still looks like a carbohydrate. The behavior is completely different and it will help break down protein and structures.

I've been experimenting with honey in getting rid of wrinkles and lines and thickness of skin because of that reaction for the last year. And I have one fellow who had elephant neck, who's only 60 years old and he's been on mainly this diet since 1979 and he looks good everywhere. His hair's just as black as black can be, he's Italian and his hair's just black and not a gray hair on him, but he's got this elephant neck skin.

So, I told him to start putting saliva with honey on his neck and in five months it is reduced by two thirds already.

The thickness of my forehead, the wrinkles in my forehead, I don't know if you remember how thick that was, and right here when I smiled, I had these huge islands that were part of these lines.

Almost all the islands are gone. That's putting saliva and honey on there. Only two days a week for a 24 hour period, and it's dissolving. It helps pre digest things. It helps digest and break down. So, that's why I like people using lots of honey, as long as it's unheated.





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