Honey and Saliva For Injured Knee







You can take honey and saliva and put it on the area and then wrap meat around it every night and then put hot water bottles on either side of the knee and make sure you're eating enough meat to heal and eat a little bit of pineapple with your meat when you eat it.

If you do the proper diet and you put that meat and the honey and saliva on any area, it will mend without that. I ripped all of mine completely off of here, they were up in a ball here, twice I did it in dance class, I tripped on the stage and they were just balled up here and I just put the meat on it, the honey and saliva, and I was at the British American drama academy at Stanford. This is a one time thing I was not gonna miss out on it cuz my ankle was torn.

They said you are not getting on this stage. I did my dances, I did pliés, I did jumps, I did everything even with a tear. And within two weeks it had all grown back, just grew back on its own.


So, what's the regimen?


We need to eat meat twice a day, and just with about two thumb size amounts of pineapple with it and lots of butter and honey.

And you got that from my book?

Well, that was for the minerals back in those days. It did work, but it wasn't quite as fast as the cheese. So. used the cheese rather than the germinated drink.

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