Honey For Tumors, Vegetable Oils From Atmospheric Smoke


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Yes, it works on everything so far. I've used it on warts, on tumors. Had a young boy, well 27 years old is a young boy to me. He's a musician and a very good musician and you know, I get to go to his concerts once in a while when he comes into town and he's always in this atmosphere smoke and that atmosphere smoke is a oil, is an evaporated oil. And I was waiting for the day that he's gonna have a bad reaction from them and I kept telling him about it and he broke out with a cancer tumor under the left eye here that was pretty big. And I've dealt with tumors like that, take the nose away and remove all the area around an eye.

So, I thought, I'm gonna see what I can do. I know this is, that E.coli works, so putting buffalo shit or cow shit or some shit on it is going to help keep the tumor down. However, there's no healing property that goes along with that fecal matter, so it can irritate the area even though it keeps tumor subdued.

So, I got him to use the saliva, I've used water and honey, it doesn't work, but saliva and honey works. So, I had him use that on the tumor and he's kept that tumor just a fraction of the size. And I just got an email with the latest pictures cuz he documents it, the latest pictures that the tumor's completely gone, took a year, it's completely gone.

That's from breathing all that garbage that got clogged in the sinuses, around his eye and in here started producing tumors. That oil that they use for evaporation mist is made of vegetable oils and vegetable oils in the human body will crystallize.

A herbivore has a body temperature of 101° - 102°, and it can keep vegetable oils liquid. But in our systems, in 5 - 25 - 30 years, it's crystallized. That's what's causing all the hardening of the arteries and the heart and the systems is your vegetable oils, not animal fats.

All the tribes who eat only meat and animal products, even if they're cooked, have no heart disease and no arterial sclerosis. So it's another myth that the USDA, along with the oil industry has created.

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