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Having so much sugar, honey?


Honey isn't sugar when it's completely raw. The bees collect the nectar, nectar's 90% carbs, so it's sugar. When the bee collects it, it swallows it. It produces an insulin-like substance, which converts 90% of those carbs into enzymes for digesting proteins and fats.

Let me give you an example.

While I was in Thailand three months ago before I went to the Philippines, I went to see some patients on the Costa Mui island and they spearfished. So, I went spear fishing with them and one of the big fish that we caught had these big vertebrae's and the his Thai girlfriend who's almost 50 years old.

She grew up in the old country where they eat lots of raw foods, so she's a total raw fooder and eats everything perfectly even better than her American boyfriend who's on the diet. So, she's the ideal primal dieter. She'll go in and pick all the Japanese beetles off of her flowers and all day long she eat them live.

You have to understand, Thai's eat a lot of insects cuz there isn't a lot of meat there cuz they over hunted and the population got so large, so they eat a lot of insects, I mean, scorpions, cockroaches that are this big, all these things. Eat them raw, even alive.

So, she had these vertebraes, big vertebraes like this, and her teeth are so good, 50 years old, perfect teeth, and she's eating these bones. I wish I could have eaten a bone, I mean, she gave me a little piece of one and I just kept it in my mouth for hours. I took a half a teaspoon of honey and put in my mouth with the bone and disintegrated the bone in five minutes.


So, my question is, eating the honey isn't that going to spike the blood sugar?


What did I just say? You've got insulin in the honey. The bee has created an insulin. If you heat that honey over 93°, you've destroyedthe insulin and it goes back to sugar. You're gonna spike.

However, honey can cause old toxic glycogen in your body to detox, then you're going to spike, but you never look for your sugar level. You look for symptoms. If you're passing out, if you can't breathe, you've got an insulin problem. That's the only time if you're passing out, not because you're getting up too fast, but you don't have enough blood sugar to run the brain and nervous system and lungs, you've got diabetes.

85% - 90% of the people who the medical profession put on insulin to and call diabetic are not diabetic. They just have sugar balancing sugar level problems.

If you've got a true insulin problem, you're not metabolizing your sugars to run your brain and nervous system, you're not going to breathe. You're gonna go into a coma in three days. If you don't have any of those symptoms, you are not diabetic.


I read to tell if you have an insulin problem, if you weigh yourself in the morning, and then if you go up 1 pound - 1.5 pounds the next day that-


Absolute bullshit.

You can have water retention. You can have high blood pressure, will do the same thing.

You have to understand the pharmaceutical industry makes their money off of you taking drugs. They're gonna do everything they can to get you to take drugs. Every test in the world, they're going to show you need to take drugs now, like say cholesterol.

Now, they used to say that 50 years ago, cholesterol levels of 300 were okay. Now, they're not saying that. They want people to take all these, the anti-cholesterol medications to lower cholesterol, so they dropped it way down into 150 and 160 to keep making money. It's all about making money.

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