Honey For Diabetics

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if you're have chronic fatigue is goat milk better than cow's milk?  


Probably. Well, you're on the thin side, so you're gonna have to add cream to it, some cows cream to the goat's milk. Do you have a question?  

[Attendee #2] 

Some of the things you're discussing, what is the impact on insulin resistance, blood sugar? 


Well, no, I'm trying to understand specifically what you're asking.  

[Attendee #2] 

Well, some of the areas like more protein, honey- 


When you say insulin resistant? What do you mean?  

[Attendee #2] 

High blood sugar. 


Let me give you an example. 

I have a 72-year-old that went on the diet and she's been taking insulin for 42 years. I put her on a minimum of a half a cup of a honey a day.  

You know what her blood sugar level does after she has honey? It drops. That's the way it works.  

Remember, when the bee collects the nectar, the bee swallows the nectar, it creates an insulin-like substance, which converts 90% of that carbohydrate into enzymes for disassembling, which is digesting the proteins and the fats, mainly proteins. 

Once you heat that honey above 93°, it alters that insulin-like substance. When the bee gets back to the hive, he vomits it and they're all he's. 

[I'm pretty sure worker bees are actually she's] 

He vomits what is then honey. 

It's no longer nectar because it's predigested and it is now honey. So, honey is bee vomit. Enjoy it. It has lots of insulin in it, so it takes care of all the insulin needs and it will lower blood sugar levels.  


It helps you heal the pancreas. 


Protein is very necessary to rebuild the pancreas. The most important nutrient is protein to rebuild a pancreas, so it functions properly.  


Does the honey have to be crystalized? 


it should not be crystallized. 

It doesn't matter. Eggs or meat will help rebuild it. 


It's as long as the pancreas is not producing the proper insulin to regulate the sugar levels 

Juice will raise the blood sugar level because you have to have the insulin to help utilize those sugars properly. 

Well, that's okay if it's crystallized, but if you're a diabetic, it'd be better not to have too much crystallized honey. 





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