Honey Doesn't Act As An Antibacterial In Milk








No, it doesn't. It doesn't act as an antibacterial in milk. In fact, it encourages the lactobacillus acidophilus to be more active than the bulgaricus and [unclear]. If you don't put honey in it, the [unclear] and mainly the bulgaricus would be more active, that's to break down the fats and the proteins.

So, that's why it becomes bitter or tart even. When you put the honey in it, it encourages the acidophilus to grow. It is antibacterial to an extent with the [unclear] and bulgaricus, but it doesn't destroy it completely.

I'll just reblend it and then drink it that way, unless it's too acidic. If it starts causing my mouth to get a little stingy and burn or my tongue to get sore, then I'll just separate it and make cheese with it.

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