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Hamburger. I was doing really well eating hamburger for a while, and the last week or two I had to like gag it down and so I tried to go to a different kind of meat 

Do you have any suggestions for helping with that? 


How were you trying to eat it?  


I was eating it with just butter and honey 


Butter and honey. 

That may detoxify the liver or spleen or gallbladder too quickly, and that may cause some nausea because when you put that combination like that, and the meat's almost in a pate, it's absorbed very readily, and it can cause instant detox. 

So, when the body can detox, it'll dump into the stomach first and there's your nausea. So, if you eat some cheese with it, it'll probably prevent that. But you might want to eat some cheeses first, so it's already in your stomach and ready to absorb the toxins so you don't feel repulsed or don't have to experience the nausea and also tomatoes help relax that kind of a detoxification. 

So, you might make a sauce with butter and tomato. 


So, what would a sauce with butter and tomato? How would you do that? Just butter, and tomato? 


Room temperature butter, room temperature tomatoes, they'll blend very well, even cheese.  

Yeah, in the blender, one of those little jars. 

Add a little tomato, red onion. 


  • tomato 

  • butter 

  • cheese 

  • red onion 

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