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The home renovation, painting interiors. What products to use?  


Well, when I've done that, I used to be a painter. So, when I would paint, I would always wear big gas masks that they used in wars. You know, I got these Israeli gas masks, and these two HEPA filters on it, plus charcoal cartridges, and I painted that way. And then I went away for five days and left three heaters in each room to cook it. With very little cracks in the window, so just enough air could pass out to where it wouldn't catch the house on fire, but it baked everything in. 

Otherwise, it can outgas for a year. If it's oil paint, it'll outgas for five years. 


So, that will solve your problems? 


Well, there's milk paint made out of casein from milk. You have to mix it yourself, and it's a lot less toxic, but again, you still need to bake it. 


I can find somebody else to do my painting. 


And you could do what I used to do when I used to decorate and do painting. I would go to the colleges, and get art students, and I would teach them how to model and do designs and walls and everything pay them a very little fee, but they got credit for doing that kind of work cause it was like a work credit thing they got. 

So I could pay them $7 - $8 an hour, and they'd be doing $50 an hour - $100 an hour work because that's what I charge. Sometimes I charge $200 an hour, depends upon the client. 

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