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Well, I put it in the recipe book. I say take butter with you, take the honey with you, take the cheese with you. You get meat and eggs anywhere. Those are your primary focus. 


Vegetable Juice? 


You just have to eat as green fruit, as green as you can get it. Unripe so it doesn't have a lot of sugar in it, it's a way to do it. I go to these fruit stands and they're cutting up all this really ripe fruit.  

In Asia, the elderly only eats green fruit, they don't even like ripe fruit, but this new generation got all these sugar and soda pops, they go for the sugary stuff. So, when I go up to one of these carts, I say, give me the parts you're gonna throw away, give me the rind of the watermelon. 

I'll sit there and eat a few watermelon rinds, perfect. 


You eat the green inside? 


I don't eat the green outside, the very hard stuff. I eat the light green and the white of the rind. 


All I ever hear is you gotta eat raw organic, ripe fruit, but it's too much sugar? 


Too much sugar deteriorates the bones. That's why all those people on fruitarian diets lose their teeth and lose their bones.  

[Attendee #2] 

Yeah, she knows. She did the same thing I did. She's been a fruitarian for a liitle while, too.  


I can see. 

You have very thin bones, and your skin is also not real strong.  

So, you need to eat lots of honey to replace-  


I was just asking about that cause I saw got your list here, but I've never ever in my life been able to eat raw honey.  


Unheated? Completely unheated? 


I don't think so. I have candida. 


That causes them to detoxify and eliminate their poisons. 

It doesn't feed them unless it's heated honey. So, if you have one of the brands that he sells, you won't have a problem. You may have a temporary itching. You just have a little bit more butter or cream with it, and you just might just want to stick with the comb, the honey in the comb. 

That's little bit more pure. 


So, have a smoothie and put butter and cream in it with honey? 


If you do that, it's gonna disperse it quicker, to disperse sugars, the honey by itself, or with cream or butter only. Spoon and eat it. That's the best way to do it. If you put it in a vehicle to send the milk sugars out into the body cause they'll go just rapidly with the honey in it cause of all the enzyme activity, then you're gonna have a lot of milk sugars irritating your body. 

You're gonna have more itching. It doesn't increase fungus at all, you're just dealing with more sugar detox, it dries out the skin. 





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