High Meats and Bacteria Can't Help Metal Poisoning


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I wanted to ask about the high meat, yesterday you told me I have a condition that the high meat won't work as well, but then you said keep eating the high meat. So, I wanted to know more about that. 


Okay. High meat for those that don't know is you take the meat and let it get full of bacteria until it stinky. 

How many people saw me on Ripley's Believe It or Not? 


I missed it. 


Nobody saw it? 


We wanted to record it- 


They showed it again, I just got an email they showed it three times in the last three months. 

[Attendee #2] 

Why didn't you forward it to us?! 


Because I was in Thailand. 

They don't notify me, but they aired about 6 times since they made it a year and a half ago. Year and a half in July. They showed it on July 17th, the first time 2003 I think.  

[Attendee #2] 

What TV station?  


2002, 2002 I guess it was. July 17th, 2002, that's the one I was originally on. So, if you ask him for a copy of that tape, he might be able to send it to you, but I took some meat and glands that were up to a year and three months old.  

They were black and green with mold and bacteria, and I ate about 2 cups that day.  

And the poor cameraman was vomiting 



[Attendee #2] 

What station did they air it on? 


Ripley's Believe it or not. I don't know 

[Attendee #2] 

You don't know what station? 


Anyway, high meat is meat with high bacteria in it. What it does is it goes up and eats decay in the body, we're overly cleanly in our society. Anti-bacterial everything.  

Vapors in the air, pollution. Everything destroys bacteria in the body, so the body doesn't have those natural vultures and crows who go and eat up the toxic matter. 

So, your body has to go and make solvents, which are viruses to go in and wash out the decay.  

So, it can help nurture these bacteria in the body to eat high meat. High meats will encourage the bacteria to help you clean easier with less decay. Because when bacteria or parasites eat decaying tissue, diseased or damaged tissue.  

It will reduce, it's like we eat 7 pounds of food a day and have less than a pound of fecal matter. 

And bacteria and parasites are the same way. Only they can take 100 times the matter, reduce it to one 1% of what they've eaten. 

So, you've got very little waste matter if they're doing it.  

Your body has to use a virus, which is a soap, a solvent, to clean it out.  

Then you've got all this waste product that's accumulated 'cause there's nothing to reduce it.  

Viruses are not alive. The idea that they're contagious is absolutely the most ridiculous thing ever postulated.  

That's like saying tide soap is is contagious because it's in so many homes.  

No, virus are produced, their proteins, combinations of proteins that will dissolve matter. 

But it takes lots of fluid in conjunction with that to spread out and dilute the poisons and to dissolve it. 

So, you've got a lot more mass support, and that's why viral infections are usually a lot worse than bacterial infections because when you've got bacterial or a parasite, it reduces the waste in the contamination to a small amount of toxicity.  

But when you're using virus, it spreads all these contaminations and dilutes and permeates every part of your body.  

Yet 90% of all doctors give antibiotics for a virus. And the idea that you can vaccinate for a virus is the most absurd thing in the world.  

It's got to be alive man, and there's no life to a virus. So, it's an absurdity. So the high meat thing, I said that her condition, where she needs the bacteria, it's not going to grow in that area where she needs it most. 

Because she's got metal poisoning, bacteria goes in there and eats a little bit of that decay and then the metal poisoning go and destroy that bacteria, so it can't thrive. 

That's why so many people are getting so diseased, because there's so much pollution in their body, their bodies cannot utilize bacteria and parasites easily in their system, so they have to use virus, soaps, a solvent to dissolve all this matter. 

So, people are getting sicker and sicker, and weaker and weaker all the time. 

But if we just let bacteria, do it, keep ourselves clean and let bacteria do it, we heal like I do, quickly. 

The doctor said that I wouldn't be able to move and work for six weeks. 

I was working within two weeks, I was working within a week actually, but not many.  

You know, hour or two hours at the time.  

Yesterday, I did full consults and even this morning I did a full consult before I came here.  

And it's only been 18 days since the accident.  

So, if you take care of yourself, you will be much healthier.  

[Attendee #2] 

So, first you need to pull the metals out before the high meat can do it's work? 


Correct, but there are areas in the body that don't have the metal poisoning and it will help with another area. 

But the areas where you are the weakest is where you got all the metal poisoning and bacteria can't help you there. But bacteria can help you in other areas, so I was talking about that particular problem and high meat would not help that particular problem. 

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