High Meat Vs Kefir


high meat






So, in the human body, at least those are broken down way in advance of going into your system. So, your bacteria in your intestines can break that down and feed on that bacteria. And then when it gets to the colon, E coli can do it easily and take care of you. Even if you don't have good colonies of it, it's already so reduced that when they get a hold of it, it can produce it pretty easily, but it's still the meat has protein concentrations like tryptophan that are not high in milk, they're high in meats.

And tryptophan is good for relaxing, for sleeping, for things like.

So, that is still not quite the value that high meat can give you, but it can still take care of a lot of the psychological problems and anything.


It's almost instantaneous?


Within 10 to 20 minutes, I've only had one person that didn't react and he wasn't that depressed anyways.

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