High Meat Not Turning Brown



high meat


Can you consider it high meat before it turns brown because I have some meat that's been sitting in the refrigerator for three or four months and I take it out about once a week to air it, but some of them just not turned brown yet?


They don't have to turn brown. Some of them turn, green and white and black, and you know mold. You know different bacterias have these different formations.


I thought we waited until they turned brown?


Did you see the the Ripleys Believe It Or Not episode?

You would have seen all the various colors because I had about- you know somewhere around 40 different types of high meat.


Is it possibly in a copy of the video of that?


I think if you write them, you can do that.

Just give them the date is July 17th 2002.


But after a while, if you leave it out in the cupboard, it becomes liquid.

It did.


Well, it depends.

On how much it grows and how fast the bacteria.

It'll liquefy the meat as it's dissolving.

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