High Meat Hiking


high meat




Let me just say, Barbara's been 100% on the primal diet for two years, and if we go somewhere, we just bring our own food. Nobody argues. They understand.


I just wonder two things and that is for hiking, high meat would be good, I guess?


Absolutely. You couldn't get more energy.

I went on a hike with somebody with nothing but high meat for 7 days. We giggled and had fun the whole way. Everything with the environment, the trees were alive, everything pulsated more because we had more nerve cells alive in feeding them on eating high meat all day.

We were in Hawaii and then she ate some fermented guavas, then she turned a little nuts. Got a little extreme, a little too sexual in front of other people and stuff like that.

So, don't eat highly fermented guavas along the way.


Can you eat high ground meat?


Well, I find that sometimes causes nausea. When the meat is ground with the fat, sometimes it will cause massive detoxification of the liver or pancreas. So, it's not as good to eat high meat that's ground.

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