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So, eat high meat. Just remember that if you've got depression, if you've got a psychological problem, your E coli is low or being destroyed. E coli is the final stage of digestion. Like I said, it digests the fats and the proteins to the finite molecular structure to feed the brain and the nervous system.

If you have a psychological problem, 90% of the time it's because you don't have good E coli. You can eat high meat like I said earlier, which predigests the meat the same way your E coli does. So, when you eat the high meat, 10 to 20 minutes later, you're giggling, you're happy, you're high; because the brain and nervous system get fed like that, within 20 minutes.

Now I've had over 2000 people experiment and do it, and only 1 said it didn't affect him one way or the other. He wasn't depressed anyway, so who cares.

But this woman and another fellow who had a lot of psychological problems and the woman was taking all those psychotropic drugs 27, a day. So, she was completely off of them and she had done the diet on and off for almost two years and it was like a roller coaster with her. So I said, you've got to take the high meat, you've got to try it once. If you can't do it, if you have a problem with it, I'll keep on with you the hard road, but you need to try this just for my gratification.

You need to help yourself, as well as me. So, she finally did it and just that quickly in one night she was a different.


But she probably has to continue to eat it, doesn't she?


Yeah. Well, she had to do it pretty strictly for about two years, a year and a half.

Now she changes. She still has some psychological problems, but doesn't have to medicate for it and she does the diet maybe 60% now. Wouldn't be enough for me, I'm not satisfied. I don't want any psychological problems.





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