High Meat - Body Can Only Handle So Much Waste Product


high meat


I have some questions about high meat.

And I guess my first question is. 

I followed the instructions in one of your books and I'm about ready to start and I've heard that- I'm putting it in the refrigerator..

But I've heard that you don't need to put it in the refridgerator.


It'll grow faster if you don't put it in the refridgerator.


OK, so my first question is what are the limits.

You talked about eatign a marble size, I'm not looking for a specific condition, let's just say I feel like sorcerer's apprentice and I want to get in the laboratory and mess around. 

See what I can do, I like to play with things.

First of all I want to experience it, the unusual experience of it. 

That's one thing, but I mean is there an upper limit, like if I think you know- in other words, is it a medicine or a food? 


It's a medicine.


It's more a medicine, so I should treat it like a medicine?


Because if you get an awful lot of bacteria in your body, it isn't just going tohelp you digest, it's going to start eating toxic tissues throughout your body. 

You have to get rid of that waste product and your body can only handle so much waste product in a day so. 


Give me a boundary


It depends on the individual.


So, I'll just proceed.


I've eaten as much as a half a cup of a day, repeatedly for 28 days, without ill reaction. 

I've eaten as much as two cups at a time, like when I did the show for Ripley's and for the German-

The German company Germany, because they went worldwide. 

People saw me eat so-called bad food all over the world.

And this German company flew over here to film me doing it again, that poor camera man was puking all over. The camera man had to come in close to see all the bugs and everything.

He would smell it and be puking.


You should have went over to him and explained the benefits of licking up his own vomit.



Finally, when they did that, they got some cotton balls with some [unclear] oil on it and stuck it up his nose. 

[Attendee #2]

How did you break into it, when you initially started doing it?


Oh, I used musk oil and cotton balls, I was with the Eskimos in Alaska and they introduced me to it, but I couldn't get within 5 feet of them without choking. 

The children were jumping up and down like this is, you know, some phenomonal candy. 

So, they put musk oil on cotton balls and I stuck it up my nose and that was my introduction.

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