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He eats only high meat, he eats one - two pounds a day.


What's high meat?


Where you let it get full of bacteria and very stinky. That's all he eats, he doesn't eat any fresh meat.


Why is that?


Because it makes him feel so good. He was depressed for 40 years, suicidal, homicidal.


I don't want do it that much. Why is that working for me now?


Well, you have more weight than you did back then, so you had suffering.


So, I don't need it as much?


Yeah. You don't need as much cause that's mainly to help you digest. Cause the bacteria pre digests the meat, a lot of people think that the bacteria in high meat will cause a detoxification, never. Never directly causes a detoxification. It breaks down and predigests the meat, it helps digest the meat.

It's like in Turkey and some places in Greece. They will slather a whole side of beef with gang green, let it eat all the way into the center and they shave off an inch. 3/4 ' - 1' of the outside gangrene and that's the way they eat it. Mainly raw because it's created a ceviche by predigestion of the gangrene. So, all of that protein is freed so that we can digest it completely. That's what happens with high meat, it's predigested, so those amino acids can be absorbed.

A lot of you and I had such poor digestion that we weren't absorbing all of those amino acids and utilizing them, we were throwing them off. There are two ways that you can get around that, you can do like the Ayurveda's do, and they drink their urine. So, when the protein discards, and it isn't completely assimilated, they recycle it to be able to utilize and absorb it, especially the vegetarians in India and some other Eastern countries.

There's another way to do it that other countries do it like the Turks. They use the gangrene. We can use the high meat, the bacteria to break it down to able to absorb all those amino acids that may be missing that are causing our depression, our paranoia, our obsessions, any of that.

Most people can just go in ahead and eat the raw meat and they get enough protein to handle it. Some people have such poor digestion that they have to go beyond that and eat high meat or drink their urine.


How do you know if your body's able to digest it?


Well, most people, if you're heavy into anger and depression and you've got a weight problem that you're on the diet and not digesting all of your protein. And that's an indication that you should eat high meat or drink your urine.

And don't drink the first urine of the day like most people who are into water therapy do. That first urine is highly toxic because the red cells eat each other after five hours of not eating. That's why I suggest that people set an alarm during the night, wake up after three to five hours, have something with protein in it, whether it's milk, meat, eggs or milkshake and go back to sleep.





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