High Ketones Is Not A Kidney Problem

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Let's let's just take a look at this test. This is gonna show you how ridiculous tests are. You have to understand that the pharmaceutical industry is made sure that they've created tests that convince you to take drugs, to take medical therapy. Now, if you've got a high ketone level in your blood, they automatically say you've got a kidney problem.

90% of the people who have high ketones don't have a kidney problem. But they want you to think you have a kidney problem, so you start taking medication and treating for a kidney problem. And guess what? The medication from the kidney problem usually will create a kidney problem. So, you say, "Yeah, they were right. I got kidney problem".

So, you have to be very careful. I don't accept not one of their tests. Not one of them, because look what they're doing. They're taking a shot of your blood, a photograph of your blood for one moment in your life, and they're basing all of this stuff about your health on a blood test. "Oh, well, it's gotta be this chemistry and this valve", everybody is so different.

So, all of these tests are ridiculous. I'm talking about blood tests, chemical analysis. You go to the colonoscopy and you go up there and see cancer. What do they want to do? Surgeries, chemo, radiation, this doesn't nurture the body. This destroys the body more. It'll make you sicker in the long run.





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