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Well, here's another aspect, umm the high eggs, how do you make the high eggs? 


Well, if you want to make them fast, you take the egg and tap it until you know it cracked. 

Hairline crack so you can't see it and then you just let it sit in the sunshine or in a carton with the sunshine beating on the carton and usually takes about six weeks and you have some pretty rotten eggs, stinky eggs. 


Once the sun was so hot, I cooked the egg. 


*laughs loudly* 


You didn't have it inside a closed container. You had it exposed right to the sun. The sun hit the egg directly. So leave it inside the carton and let the sun hit the carton and heat it up that way, 


Hairline crack, 6 weeks, sun. Just leave it out no matter the weather? 


Well, if it's cold you don't wanna leave it out. You gotta be in a semi warm place, it can't be too cold, or it will retard the bacterial growth. That's why I don't refrigerate eggs. And the high eggs taste just like hardboiled eggs with a whole bottle of salt poured on them. (Aajonus cap?) 

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