High Carb Fruits










You mentioned about sweet fruits. 


Oranges are sweet. There are still high amounts of carbohydrate. Anything that is high carbohydrate is not a fruit that you want to eat. Oranges are high.  

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What do you consider a non-sweet fruit? 


Tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, avocados. 

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*Laughs* they're lower, but. 

Grapefruit those they're all high in carbs. Lemons are high in carbs. 

I'm finally detoxing some of my diabetic stuff from when I was a child. So, even though I'm not eating fruit, I eat fruit maybe once every two weeks, but now I'm having cramps in these toes and this hand. 

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No that's from toxic sugar stored in the body that weren't broken down properly because I was diabetic and that's a detoxification. 

Finally getting this stuff out. 


Is fruit acid? 


Fruit is sub acid. Acid or alkaline. 

Toxic sugars are robbing the fats from the muscles, and those acids... remember it's like Coca Cola when they're poorly formed sugars and they burn the myelin sheaths of the nerves and the muscles, and that causes the cramps. 

Have you ever seen a diabetic in a cramped mode? I mean it's pretty bad. 

If you're just having cramps have cream. 

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