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I've heard from even people on the diet, that the only way for a hernia to be cured is through surgery.  


I agree.  


You agree?  


I've only known one person who is able to heal their hernia. I've known four people who've had hernias that over a three-year period, period on the diet did not heal them because they keep bursting out and pushing and tearing, and there's some kind of toxicity in the surrounding tissue that won't allow proper healing.  

There are ways that I would attempt to do it now, but I haven't had anybody with a hernia lately to be able to experiment with. 


So, people are having a surgery are complaining about that the surgery was a problem also that mesh that they put in there.  


Yeah, but see, they're not using the pork mesh. I've had two people use the pork mesh and it's been beautiful. They use actual pork flesh, as opposed to plastic mesh. 

This is what they used to make sutures out of, cat gut. They make the mesh out of pig tissue, pig guts.  


It really affects it too, depending on what I eat. Sometimes when I eat beef, it causes a little bit of pain. 


Well, that's just because your body may be going in there to clean out some of that toxicity because of the high protein level. 

So, you just need to know what particular toxin is there, and the only way I can tell that is by photographing the eyes. 


I'd love to be a guineau pig if you wanna try stuff on me and document it before I anything before surgery, you know? 


Okay. But you're gonna have to- I've tried for three years with people without- didn't get worse, didn't get better. 


Cause I've heard that it gets too bad, you need major surgery. That's what I've heard. 


That's true if you're on a normal diet, but on your, this diet, I haven't seen anybody get worse. It's just annoying.  


Well, this has gotten worse over the last year. 


Well, are you 100% on the diet eating properly at the proper times? 

Okay, I rest my case. 





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