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hereditary disease





A lot of diets seem to put an emphasis on heritage, and I'm wondering what you think about that. In particular, one book said that there wasn't really one primal diet. It varied depending on where people where, where they're from. 


Well, it depends on what kind of food they can get. Let's say like in Thailand, there are certain areas where the main meat that they eat is beetles from water buffalo dung. 

They go around after the water buffaloes left it in for a couple of days, and they clear it out. They can find a thousand of these beetles, nesting, laying their eggs in the Buffalo turds, and that's where they incubate.  

They don't necessarily eat the buffalo's shit. They do, but they breed their young in there because it keeps them warm and everything. So, they're going to harvest these beetles, and eat a thousand in one sitting for the whole family and that's mainly what they eat. And then there are others that they slaughter Buffalo and he Buffalo meat. 

So, it all depends upon their class. Those who can afford to have Buffalo meat are very rich. Those that eat insects are very poor people. So, their system will be different, if they cook those beetles, then there's a certain amount of toxicity that's going to collect in all the family because they're feeding them and eating the same foods. 

They're going to get the same toxins, and if they store in the same area, let's say you have a heart condition that's normal in the family, you store those toxins in the heart area. That doesn't mean it's a hereditary thing. That means that you normally have a weakness in that area, and you have a tendency to store toxins in that area. 

And therefore, if you eat properly, you don't have to have that disease. Diabetes, they say is almost 90% hereditary, and it is in my family. I've got eight cousins who are on insulin by the time they were 16 years old, I was on insulin by the time I was 15.5, juvenile diabetic. Aunts and uncles, bunch of them have diabetes and taking insulin. 

I'm the only one that doesn't take it anymore because I ate right, reversed it. Two and a half years ago, I went to Washington University Medical School in St. Louis and had a thorough physical, and they found that my pancreas worked better than any pancreas that they'd ever seen. 

That was going from juvenile diabetes at 15.5 years old. So, you can reverse all that stuff.  


So, you found that treating people- 


I don't treat people, only doctors can treat people. I counsel, I recommended.  


Have you found that certain foods don't work well for different people? 

What works for you for example, has worked for other people with the same symptoms? 


That's why I say in the first book, in the remedy section, this has worked for 80% of the people who do it. Doesn't mean it works for everybody, and everybody has to have their little changes. That's why I do private console to help people discover what is right for their system and reverse that condition. 

But most of the time it's all with the same for us white people. 

Now I'm working with Thai's more, and some Asians and Malaysia and Singapore and some Australians, and they're all doing good on the same food. 

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