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Well, it depends upon. If herbs are fresh and you juice them, they're very potent, full of enzymes, vitamins, everything's packed in. Once you dry it, everything's dead. You get some minerals from it, you can get some other chemical products from it, but it won't be in a balance.  

That's why I said in the book, if you're gonna make, make a sun tea with it if it's an emergency type thing, otherwise we're in Southern California, get your herbs fresh and juice them.  

But if you're having an herb that is concentrated, other than parsley or salary, make sure you only have 5% of your juices.  

Cilantro pulls out a lot of metals. If you've got a lot of mercury toxicity, 10% of your juice being cilantro is gonna detox you pretty heavily, pretty quickly, 


What about herbal extracts? 


They're all processed. 

Processed, distilled, solvent extracted; alcohol may be the solvent or petroleum, like brake fluid. 

[Attendee #2] 

Cause they talk about the probiotics as a friendly bacteria, which is kind of like the herb that is also dry and not alive. 


Is it dried? 

[Attendee #2] 

If it's in a powdered form, it's dried. 


That's right. It's not active, and not alive and it will take a lot for your body to rehydrate that herb just to get a little bit of something out of it.  

Remember, we don't have those enzymes to break down cellulose 

Our enzymes and digestive juices are for meats, for animal protein. 

Takes an herbivore to break down those herbs, vegetation. 





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