Hepatitis Is The Last Ditch Effort To Save The Liver

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And hepatitis is always the very last ditch savior for the liver. Any of the hepatitis, whether it's viral or bacterial, that goes in there to break up the extreme toxicity in the liver. And if you have hepatitis and your eating properly lots of red raw meat, you'll reverse that liver condition faster than any other way.

So, the hepatitis is almost like a parasite, it will work that quickly. Consume or dissolve that much toxic liver tissue. So, it's a good thing to have hepatitis, bodyis trying to save the liver. That means you've got very toxic, very young.


I wonder if I passed any of that onto him.


Yeah, he's got a weak condition. Anytime anybody has a bad liver, the liver breaks down fats, to digest fats and if you don't have the good liver, you're going to be weaker. The body will absorb the poisons, poisons will go intercellular, instead of inter-lipid, instead of entering the fat, it will enter the cell, damage the RNA and DNA, and all the other structures within the cell.

And that what poisons the body. That's why I say don't be skinny, skinny people are the ones who have the worst condition later on.


If you have an unhealthy liver and you are, say, in the ocean, and a sewage spill comes along or something, could you contract hepatitis?







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