Hepatitis is the last defense of the liver to try to cleanse itself. It's so toxic and it's mainly toxic among people who are drug users and alcohol abusers, cuz the damage is the liver. You hold the alcohols terribly or using cocaine or amyl nitrate, any of those kind of things that go to the liver, then the bacteria and the parasites could no longer clean the liver. So, the only thing left is virus.

You have to remember that bacteria and parasites, they consume decaying tissue or dead tissue, and to reduce it to a very small fraction of waste, like we eat 7 - 14 pounds of food a day and have a half to a one pound feces the next day. So, we've reduced it tremendously. Well, bacteria and parasites can reduce the ratio of 100 - 1, 100x their weight and reduce it to 1% waste product. That's fantastic.

So, we want those bacteria, we want the parasites to consume that cuz when we use virus, they're not alive. There's no consumption, there's no alteration. There's just the protein bodies that go in there and disassemble it and then it's then the lymph system is responsible to dissolve it further and to perspire it out the skin or take it out your tear ducts and mucus membranes, the ear wax.


So it sounds to me like if I heard you correctly, it sounds to me like the medical profession is actually in the business of interrupting the body's natural processing.


Absolutely. Absolutely.

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