Hemorrhoid's and Yeast Infections While Pregnant







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So, what causes yeasts, and hemorrhoid's and why especially when a woman's pregnant?  


That was about three questions *Laughs*.  

There was a question about hemorrhoids. 

There was a question about yeast infection, and there was another one about... what was the other one? 


Why, especially when you're pregnant, why do they come up then? 


Oh, why do a lot of, why do some women have yeast infections, have hemorrhoid's all at the same time when they're pregnant. The baby has to be protected if it's going to live. 

There's a lot of toxicity stored in all the tissues, and as that uterus is expanding, and those ovaries are still producing a protective hormone to keep the baby from dropping. Your bodies producing mucus, that system is working harder than it's ever worked, and if there's toxicity in it, it has to be removed. 

Can you imagine if you had some mercury or aluminum stored in a little area in your uterus, and it ripped. It wouldn't heal. The aluminum knocks out the Zeta principle.  

The zeta principle is the ability for substances to stay emulsified, suspended in fluids. If you take aluminum and drop just a pin drop, I mean just a tiny fraction of a drop into a gallon of milk, all the minerals will hit the bottom. 

It will zap all the electromagnetic energy out of anything that's in it. It is then not emulsified, and the nutrients will not be utilized properly.  

Aluminum is a dangerous substance. It's as bad as mercury because it can destroy your nutrients. Mercury causes burning, and damage to the tissue, but it does no more damage than the aluminum does. It's different damage.  

So, if you have those in your tissues when you're growing and expanding with a fetus, you're likely to lose the fetus if you don't detoxify. Hemorrhoids are always a discharge through the skin. It's usually a heavy metal. It's usually aluminum, mercury or cadmium or lead coming out. 

And if you've ever had a hemorrhoid analyzed for its content un the pus that it comes out, or the blood that discharges from it, you'll find that it is very high in poisons. Sometimes even medical poisons that are injected. Most of those aluminum, and mercury come from vaccine in other medications that are injected. 

But it doesn't just have to be those particular varieties. If you shot up cocaine or shot up any drug, even if they were recreational, you still have those alkaloids, those heavy metals, those free radicals that will cause damage. And if they cannot go through the intestines, can you imagine if you had a hemorrhoid in an intestine, you'd have an ulceration, a perforation, and you'd have peritonitis: possibly die. 

So, the body puts it out through the skin in the rectal area or in the butt. So, that's a very dangerous substance. So, you don't want it coming out anywhere else. Butt is the easiest way, and best way for the body to get rid of it.  

Yeasts. Again, those are sugar byproducts that are being fed on. You have acrylamides, advanced glycation end products, yeasts that you've eaten in breads. 

Just the sugar byproducts that have collected and damaged the cells. The only way for the body to get rid of them is to breed yeast infections. 





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