Heavy Metals In Sperm


heavy metals






Hear that on the AOL report that came out that male sperm reduces breast cancer.


Well, that's why women should swallow

But, that's not necessarily true. If your man has heavy metals in the prostate gland or in the testes, you're gonna get heavy metals in that sperm. When a couple comes to me and I see heavy metals in those areas, I say, do not swallow. You'll see the man and he's going *imitation*. I said, you wanna poison her?


So, heavy metals in the sperm will probably affect pregnancy too?


Oh yeah. It'll cause many deformities and malnourished children, all kinds of problems.


So then how, how does one, like what's a prenatal diet look like then to prepare men and woman?


Well, if the female is healthy enough, she can change that genetic structure from the male to get rid of it at an early stage, within the first month as the fetus develops if she's on a proper diet. Now I have women that get a lot of toxicity stored in one ovary.

And I say the ovum, you do not wanna get pregnant with that ovum. You probably will have a deformed baby or retarded baby. So, usually a woman can tell which side she's ovulating on. So, if she wants to get pregnant, she ovulates and gets pregnant or tries to get pregnant on the month where she's ovulating from that ovary, the safe one.

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