Heating Devices and Hot Water Bottles

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They have these heat applications where you stick it in the microwave.

Can you imagine how many metallic metals are all of a sudden going be irradiated. You're gonna put that there and it's gonna emit radiation through your skin, through your lymph system.

Not very bright. So, get those hot water bottles. If you don't want a plastic one with BPA in it, out of England, they make these pure rubber water bottles, they stink like hell, they smell like rubber. It takes six months or so to get rid of the odor, but they won't cause the BPA to get into the skin. Um, Timber something, natural health food store.

Sell Natural clothing, camping products and stuff like that, "Vermont Country Store".

Let me tell you, they don't break like the plastic ones.


You leave it in the sun six weeks.


That's what I do.

I leave it out 6 months, 6 weeks minimum. Cause it's real rubber.


6 months or you can't use it?


No, you can use it. It's just I hate the smell of rubber. So, I have 4 or 5 of them and I leave them out for 6 months, and the one I used I already left out for 6 months.

No, it's better. Children have a lot of growth hormone, so they will heal. They heal quickly and if that garbage is left there, they will scar and they'll never develop properly. So, heat on the child all the time.


So, just throw out the old plastic water bottles?


That's what I did.





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