Heart Attack


heart attack


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Is that a detox?


Well, what you did was you thinned the blood from a clot. Usually a heart attack is when you get too much acidity or some compound in the blood that causes a charley horse in the heart. Charley horse in the leg, you get a charley horse in the leg, the more you fight it, the worse it gets.

Heart attack is the same way: you have to completely relax, you have to breathe slowly, inhale and exhale slowly and not too deeply. If you've inhale too deeply, you're gonna cause the cramp to get worse, and it's a matter of just staying focused, do not breathe fast and panic, and that's where you have your tension remain, and then you're likely to black out. And if you black out, if you don't black out soon enough, your body isn't gonna relax, it's gonna stay in that tightness. And as that uric acid builds up in that area, it will maintain the charley horse.

So, you need to relax right away. You sit down, lie down and you start very slowly breathing. You breathe as deeply until you feel it tighten, and then you just exhale again slowly and you'll come out of it.

I've had 300 heart attacks from 15.5 to 20. I got diabetes, and angina pectoris after my third polio vaccine.


You knew what to do then at that moment at 15?


I was autistic. I always let my body do what it was going to do. So, I just went limp when I had pain cuz I knew that if you resist and fight pain, it gets worse.

So, I just totally went limp and just moved away from the pain and breathed slowly, so I never died. I had 50 blackouts out of 300, but never died with any of em.

And the doctors all said told my parents it was in my head. I'm an idiot, autistic idiot, in my head creating heart attacks.

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