Hard Massage Bad - Light Massage Good




lymphatic congestion

Rolfing is a very brutal, painful manipulation massage.  

They will stick their entire thumb up your nose, and they'll work it and crack they'll everything.  

And they'll dig in and they'll bruise, they bruise you! 

If you've got any lymphatic congestion and lymphatic dryness, it will break all these canals.  

And what happens is you will bleed, and you will get all these serums in between.  

That can lead to lupus, cancer, all kinds of problems.  

You got lymphatic congestion; you can really push yourself into lymphoma quickly. 

So, Rolfing is the worst physical therapy that can be done.  

The best physical therapy is light touch massage, it's like electric. 

You just have somebody go like this over you *gestures*. 

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