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I'd like to talk about my left hand here a little bit. For a year or so, I had pain from here down to my hand, and it was up and down. Sometimes missing, sometimes serious, and I asked you about it about a month ago, and you told me about hot water bottles. So, I started using hot water bottles. Probably not very smart, but I went to sleep with my hand on a hot water bottle, and it's pretty much just concentrated in the hand.

But it feels like the sensation it's like crushed sometimes, now it's advancing and it stings or feels crushed, and then for a few days it wont hurt, and then it will come back real serious.

I thought it was a bruise, so I held onto some steak for awhile, and that would seem to calm down, but if I over did it, it wouldn't do anything about it.

I've been known to detox one way or another. I'm not shocked by this particularly, but I would like it to not hurt.


Well, mainly when you have that kind of a pain, it's antibiotic poisons, which stores in immune antibodies, so living in the joints, and they throw off a very nasty toxic. If they're allowed to get active again, and they often do. Do you remember the episode that I talked about in the book where I had the whole [unclear] in my thumbnail, and the whole thumb, and I had the pus analyzed, and it came up from penicillin. The byproducts of the penicillin toxicity, and that caused severe pain for about 18 months off and on in that thumb.

I've had lots of penicillin, lots of antibiotics in my childhood, and I used to get joint pains. I ended up with bone cancer as a product of that, as part of a product of that thing. When I had the radiation therapy that sealed it. The two compounds together caused the bone cancer. Blood and bone cancer. So, getting rid of that is not easy.

Eating moldy berries. Whole moldy berries, let's say you ate three of them a day, every other day for about six weeks, you could help destroy those molds.

Always eat it with an egg because when those toxins start being released, it can cause soreness and bruising. Like you're having the feeling here, like everything is bruised and sore. You don't have enough of particular kinds of fat to bind with those particular byproducts.

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