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Aluminum usually won't cause welts like that. You have to remember that from the time you have the hives, you have to wait at least a month to take that hair cuz that's what will be thrown off at that time. The new hair coming out, that will hold the key to what you were throwing off. But if you took a sample while you were going through the hives, you would not know what's being thrown off.

Just remember, your hair's behind what's happening in your body, so you'll have to let the hair grow out for a month and then take that amount, shave it off. You'll let your hair grow long and you're gonna take a clip of it. Just remember that only that small section that relates to what grew at that time is going to give you the clue of what it was, what was involved.

A lot of practitioners don't think, and they'll go take a whole clipping of hair and say, "Oh, well you got a lot of mercury". Well, you're talking about, did it happen last month? Did it happen this month? Did it happened six months ago? So, they don't give you a good picture of the cycles in your body.

If you're having a problem now, they're basing the past analysis of what your body was throwing off in your hair from a different time. So, they're not giving a proper analysis, giving improper diagnosis, and then giving improper resolution for it. But the problem is by the time your hair grows out, it's too late.

You've got to know a remedy for what's going on with the actual.





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