Hair Falling Out During Detox




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Just remember, when your body's detoxifying, and if it can't find enough fats, it's going to utilize hormones because hormones are made mainly a fats and protein. So, your body is going to use the hormones to discharge, and if it's going to the hair follicles to discard and discharge the heavy metals. Guess what's going to damage?

It's going to damage the follicles and then you may not regrow hair if the RNA and DNA are damaged.

If fluoride is going out with mercury at the same time, you can better believe that the RNA and DNA will be damaged in the hair follicle, and it will not grow another hair.

It could be lead, it could be aluminum. Usually if there's gray hair involved, it's aluminum, toxic cauterized aluminum from canned foods and other sources where we get aluminum. Screen doors with aluminum, that dust, if you breathe that in.

It's all cauterized aluminum, and when that discharges, it causes greying and hair loss, but that's usually just temporary.

Get fat, get fat, get fat, fat.

Well, for the hair, butter is better. The moisturizing, lubrication formula is the best thing for that following meat?


Men going bald. What causes that?


I just said what causes that.


Oh, okay. Even young men?


Oh, yes. Even young men.

What happened when I had chemotherapy, I lost all my hair.

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