H Pylori Is Good



h pylori




 It's a bacteria. H pylori is a stomach bacteria and that is not a bad guy, that's part of digestion. Some of the h pylori though do clean and eat dead intestinal walls or stomach lining wall cells, your cells die all the time. 10% of your body is dying all the time. So, these dead stomach cell walls, the Pylori eat them.

It's just like white blood cells. White blood cells are to eat dead red blood cells, so the contamination of dead red blood cells doesn't build up in the bloodstream. The white blood cells are called phagocytes eaters to eat dead red blood cells. That's what they're there for.

Pylori is there to help eat not only the foods that you're eating, but dead stomach tissue cells. That isn't a bad thing, but the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry wants to freak everybody out. Say, "Oh, see these eat the human cells". Yeah. Well, which state are those cells in? They're either decomposing or dead, or diseased to the point where they're almost dead.

They don't eat healthy live cells, they're just janitors.


They're never cause any stomach problems?


Doesn't cause any stomach. Let's say you eat something with poison in it and you kill a lot of your stomach lining cells, your Pylori is going to be very high. Now you're gonna have symptoms from that poisoning, let's say bloody vomit. The pharmaceutical industry, medical industry is gonna say the Pylori are very high, they're the problem. No, they're just the janitors.

But they want you to believe that the body's attacking itself. They want you to believe that the body is ultra stupid like they are and most people believe them. And that's the saddest part about it, people believe their nonsense.

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