Growth On Eye - Lime and Coconut Cream

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Do you know about this condition of this little growth in the eye?


What about them?


I would like to know how to eradicate it.


Well, it depends on is it a stye or is it a wart?

[Attendee #2]

It's a growth over the iris.


Oh, I see. It grows over the cornea.

You can put some coconut cream in it. You have to get it very warm, so it's diluted and there are no flakes in it. There's no pulp in it, and you can put that with just a tiny speck of lime juice in it. The lime and the coconut cream together you can put in there.

You put it right into the eye.

You can make a mixture of it. Let's say you have two tablespoons of coconut cream and a drop of lime. That's all it takes. Mix that in, take your finger, make sure it's completely dissolved and clear, and then just rub it on the eye and then roll the eye around or you can rub it right onto that spot.

And you do that once a day. It usually resolves it within about a year. They're not easy to get rid of, that's heavy scar tissue.





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