Grocery Store Vs New Zealand Beef


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Is there a great difference between the meat that you find in ordinary grocery stores compared to what you buy at whole foods from New Zealand? 


Big, huge difference. New Zealand is almost all raised meat. Plus, it's mostly organic, and the regular supermarkets, they feed them lots of grain and most of the feed that they feed them are byproducts from food processing. They take the bran, all the waste products from producing foods for humans, cereals and stuff like that. All the cooked garbage is what they mix into a meal and give these animals, fattens them up. 

Of course, the body has to produce tremendous amounts of fat to deal with these toxins. So, the fat is very rich with toxins in your store-bought meat. Most of them won't be absorbed if you're eating it raw, because it will just pass through, but you're not getting a lot of nutrient value from it as you would from New Zealand beef. 

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