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Usually, your electric grinders are high pressure, and when you put meat into a high-pressure grinder, it homogenizes the fat molecules. Homogenization means it splits the fat molecule, so the fats absorb the protein. So, then it isn't digested properly to regenerate cells become younger and more alive. 

What it'll do is help you generate fuel, pyruvate to burn as fuel or for detoxification. But if you want to get stronger and younger and heal properly, don't have ground meat, unless you put it in a food processer, and I grind mine. I just put it in long thin slices and then put it in my food processer, and it turns on for three seconds, I've got ground meat with no high pressure, quickly.  

Sometimes you can chance it if you tell them to use the large stiff holes, not the small ones, and they put it through the high pressure and tell 'em put them only to put it through one time. They don't like doing it. 

Stainless steel's fine, but most of your meat grinders are made with pop metal and not a real true stainless steel.  


They flake into the meat really bad.  


Yep. I mean, metal flakes in your field.  

[Attendee #2] 

Wow. So when you buy ground beef at the grocery store, is that?  


That's what I'm saying. It's not good.  


Well, I've never had metal flakes in the grocery store, but I don't buy it because of the homogenization, but if you buy a home grinder from the store like those kitchen stores, they're all flaky metal. 

One use It was like sparkles, I had Christmas decorations. 


If someone developed a hand crank stainless steel, that would be okay? 


It would never hold up. For some reason it doesn't hold up. If they did, they would be producing them. For some reason meat under high pressure is not easy to put through, and if you buy one, they're $3,000, if you buy a good one. So, if you want to spend $3,000, go ahead and get a good one. 

So, any ground beef from the grocery stores...  


Is not good. Not good. Unless you ask them to grind it only once and use the large holes.  


But they still use cleaners in their grinders and all that. I just don't trust it. 


They use ammonia and don't clean it out properly. A food processor is so easy to clean and, you just put your chunks in there just like they do, they'll cut it into big chunks when they put it into the meat grinders in the stores and you would have to do it too if you had your own grinder.  

I just make mine long thin slices, and then I'd mine in my food processer, and three seconds you have ground meat. 10 seconds you have mince, pate.  

So, it's very quick and it's pretty easy to clean and you can make a big batch of that and put it in glass jars, tightly sealed and make it for a couple of days at a time. 

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