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Well, the cod liver, there's only one other cod liver oil that's good. I worked for them for two years to produce that awful, nasty, bitter tasting cod liver oil.


Green Pastures?


Yeah, that's fermented, but it has no flavor to it. Those that have flavoring is just processed oils that have been distilled and treated with kerosene.

So, you have to get the stinky, bitter one. It's excellent.

If you're eating fish regularly and you're not eating junk food, this's not going to do anything benefit for you.

I tested on many, many people on this diet and there was no advantage. If you're on a shit diet it will or you're not getting any sunshine.


I took this oil and my head started shrinking like I had such headache and pain in my neck and everything.

Is that like allergies?


No. Cleaning out the brain.


So, I should take more?


I wouldn't do it. I'd do it slowly.


I should keep taking it slowly?


No, I'd just eat the diet and you will normally detox your brain slowly. Yeah, I wouldn't eat that. As long as you're on the diet, if you're, let's say 80% on the diet, I wouldn't eat any cod liver, unless you're eating something really nasty like fried foods.


But if I'm in Canada and there's no sun and nothing?


It'll help, but your milk has a lot of vitamin d in it and your butter.

Oh, you can't get it at all?

[Attendee #2]

You can't go to a farmer?


I can take my car and go two hours in Vermont.

The quality I had there was not that good. It was tough. There was no cream.

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