Grapefruit For Itchy Skin










Put a cream on the itching? 


Well, it would smother it and I didn't want to smother and lock those chemicals in my body. So, what I did was I coated myself with urine and that stopped the itching, it stung. And if it started itching so badly, like when I used to have eczema and all kinds of problems when I was a kid taking a lot of medication, especially insulin. 

Insulin caused a lot of things like this. I would take a Listerine and put it on my body, it would sting and burn so badly, at least it was better than itching to death, you know?  

Well, I found that if you take white grapefruit and you rub that on, it'll do the same thing. It'll sting and stop the itching without preventing the chemicals from coming through the skin without smothering the skin. 


What about lemons? 


Lemons too abrasive. You know how it marinates chicken and fish? You damage your skin pretty badly if you do that, I burned a hole in myself when I was experimenting with it, actually burned a hole right my flesh when I woke up the next day.  

I used lemon on one spot to break it down for two days in a row, and I wake up one morning, I had a hole in my body and that was very painful. So, lemon's not the thing to use, nor is lime. I was saving experience with the year. Oh, I did. I've been at home. been at home. 

The grapefruit doesn't for some reason. 


What about pineapple? 


Pineapple will burn a hole right in your skin. I've tried everything, and grapefruit is the only thing I found it worked in a condition like that. 

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