Government Doing Bio-Warfare On Citizens





cooked food



Always we're subjected to some kind of chemical contamination, and I don't know if you've done any investigation of that. The US military has been using- one time they dropped it on 1 million people in the little swamps of Louisiana, chemical testing, biological warfare on our own people in Louisiana, 1 million people. 

Biological chemical warfare on our own people documented. They do the chemtrails. 

Everybody's detoxing. Disease is always detoxification, pain is always detoxification, pain is swelling in the area. Swelling is always an increase of nutrients to the area, trying to get more nutrients in there to clean the area, to cleanse the area, to detoxify and to supply nutrients for healing. Colds, flus, no matter what it is, it's all detoxification. 

This diet doesn't change anything, except that when you detoxify, you detoxify properly, and you heal properly. People who are cooked foods do not detoxify properly and do not heal properly. 

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