Government Doesn't Want People To Be Healthy

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Who started this against the milk industry?


The health department.


They just want to try to deprive us from as much nutritional food as possible because it's big business. Disease is big business. You know, doctors and pharmaceuticals. It's like, keep the nutrition with everyone very, very low, so none of our brains can grow and get stronger and get more intuitive on what's really right for us.


This stuff made me from, I was autistic. I was 22 when I started drinking the raw carrot juice and raw milk. Within about 10 days of drinking those, all of a sudden my autism- I was able to read, I was able to comprehend language for the first time in 21.5 years.

Of course they don't have you to have raw milk, they don't want good mind. They want people sick and subservient.


Like little dummies, following the sheep.


Look at our educational system. If you look at who created the educational system, mainly the Rockefellers and the Rockefellers are known to want to run the world, rule the world and they have ways and all kinds of ideas on how the educational system should be set up to make us dumb. And there's a few books on it and how the Rockefeller wrote the whole didactic approach to our educational system in America.





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