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Pancreas, more honey, and cut it down.

Do you have a question, Jim?


Yeah. Uh, if gout comes from inability to process uric acid and uric acid comes from poorly digest protein, is animal protein any different than vegetable protein?


Well, if you have vegetable protein, you're only gonna have vegetable fats accompanying it.

Again, you're also gonna have a high amount of alkalinity, not something that the body utilizes properly. So, it'll take you twice as long to heal with that kind of mixture.

And also, vegetable oils in the human body, remember herbivores, animals that eat vegetation have a body temperature of 101° to 105° all the time. If they go into a fever, it can get up to 107°, 108°, sometimes 110°.

Ours can go up to 106.8°. That's the highest I've ever seen, and on this diet, no brain damage, even if it goes that high. Just eat some tomatoes and the vitamin a and all of the acids in it will bring the temperature down anyway. Not that you want it, but if people start panicking, that's what I suggest in the book for if they panic from fever.

So, the herbivore has a very high body temperature. So, it handles the vegetable oils very well, keeps them fluid. At the human body, normal temperature is 98.6herbivores and lower. Vegetable oils, if we use vegetable oils in our cells to structure the cell, it will have a tendency to crystallize.

That's what causes hardening of the arteries and heart, not animal fats.

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