Gorillas Eat Green Bananas




ripe fruit




They don't do it every day. No, nobody advertises this stuff and the gorillas, man, they're laid back. They roll around, pick each other. They have a good life. Roll around with each other and groom each other and eat green bananas. They don't eat any ripe fruit. Have you ever tried eating a green banana? They eat the rind with it with the peel on it.

Can't get enough enzymes to have all this digestive juice and fluid, which digest it great. There's no high sugar in it, lots of enzymes though.


Yeah, I read in your book you mentioned to eat unripe pineapple, banana. It didn't sound very appetizing.


Once you make the change, it may be a big difference.

You'll have less depression.


Because it's fermented, is that why?


Well, it ferments in the body, but the high sugar cause stickiness in the brain and nervous system fluid.


So, when it's unripe, there's less?


Sugar and fermentation.

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