Good and Bad Bacteria and HIV









People talk about harmful bacterias. What are the beneficial bacteria? Is there anything that's harmful bacteria or?


Well, they count harmful bacterias where they find colonies of bacteria that move so quickly in the system that they're afraid of them, but all bacteria is good.

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What's germ warfare about?


Most people are not well. So, what they're doing is getting bacterias from other animals and crossing them and then giving them to humans as a matter of destroying them, debilitating them, so they can kill them.

If they're the army, they can debilitate them with these like anthrax, a cultured anthrax. It isn't a normal anthrax and give it to humans. They'll react badly. From what I understand that aids is really a manmade virus from a splicing of the bovine leukemia with the sheep lymphoma.


This is part of the vaccine?


Yeah. From what I understand, they put it in the B hepatitis vaccine in the sixties.


Why did they do that?


From what I understand they were doing biological war experiments, and because they were giving it to people with hepatitis, like New York, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco.

90% of the people who were getting hepatitis were homosexuals because they were drinking a lot and taking a lot of drugs. So 90% of the homosexuals were getting hepatitis. So, they were giving them this contaminated cross between leukemic virus of a bovine, and the lymphoma virus of a sheep. Dr. Stricker did that research and gave it to his brother who is an attorney, filed lawsuits and the freedom of information act and got a Senator involved and both of them were dead within three months of all this process.

In the back of my book, in the bibliography, the one book that's called, "The Bio Attack Alert" was written by that attorney.

Well, they said that they committed suicide, but neither of them were suicidal.

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