Going 5 Hours Without Eating Causes Tiredness



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I've got the recipes in the book, the remedies. The vinegar and the lemon juice and the olive oil and stuff like that.


I also feel very tired in the morning when I get up. I don't have like energy or anything.


There's a lot of things you need to read in my books cuz you're asking a lot of questions that are answered. She asked, she said, I don't feel energy in the morning. She feels very tired. It's mainly because people sleep over five hours without eating. They go five hours without eating, the protein level, and the blood completely drops to nil.

So, the red blood cells become cannibalistic and eat each other. So, if you sleep 8 - 10 hours, you're gonna lose 1 - 2 tablespoons of red blood cells. That's anemia. And it may take the spleen anywhere from 40 minutes to two hours to replace that one to two tablespoons. So for the first two hours of your day, you're going to have anemia.

If you will awaken and eat and then go back to sleep, you won't have that problem. An egg or milkshake or milk or meat. Whichever you like. Just if you eat meat in the middle of the night, you might get too much energy, milkshake is more relaxing. Milk is also relaxing. Yes. Lisa.


Just something I wanted to bring up, not really a question, but I didn't know, are you aware that there's a Primal Diet group on Facebook that actually a roommate of mine that saw you once a few years ago started, Lisa Foxworth.


I'm aware of it.


Well, they were dialoguing back and forth yesterday and they throw a question out and then a bunch of people answer. But my thought about, and my concern was that if they answer the questions wrong and then like they got in this whole thing about essential oils yesterday, and then one lady goes, well, but some essentials are good because click on this link.

And I wrote down, the thing is you gotta ask Aajonus and he researched it, you're talking about his diet. So, I mean if you're not gonna follow that information by him, then how is that Primal Diet?


Nothing I can control about it.


Does that really matter because they put your pictures in there. It looks like it's from you.


Well, then they need to put an address up there and say, "People who give information are not doing it from Aajonus", unless they're quoting from the books. Do you know that person still?




Okay. Then tell her she needs to put, was it a women?


We had a discussion about it, it makes it look like it's your-


No, they can't do that, if they're using the Primal Diet, I have that trademarked and they can't do that. So, if she's gonna use it with my permission, she has to put there, the advice you get on this is from other people and other thoughts. They're not Aajonus's.





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