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And who's butchering, when I can. I do. And how do you do well, what I did on Pangai last year, I butchered a goat. So, what I did was made a harness for him and spun him from the tree until he went to sleep, and then I slit his jugular vein and caught the blood and put it in equal parts goats' milk and blood, and that tasted like milkshake. Believe it or not.  

We had five vegetarians there and 15 of us were raw animal meat eaters and the five vegetarians were so taken by the ceremony that we had cause we had drummers and we had two spinners to spin the animal around in the harness, hanging from the tree. 

And then I did a, kind of a hypnotic thing with the animal, so you go to sleep faster and they were very impressed by that. So, we had two-gallon jars full, equal parts of blood and goat milk and passed it around for everybody had a little bit. There was all these vegetarians going *impression*, they just wanted to be part of it, but they just hint about it. 

And every one of them, all of us, even, I was a little reluctant and it tasted like ice cream. It didn't have any relationship to what blood tastes like by itself. And it was just like ice cream. It was so rich. And with all these vegetarians, just going gulp, gulp, gulp like that. Those two gallons of milk and blood were gone in 15 minutes. 

And we only had 19 people, 20 minutes, all of two gallons of milk blood were gone. It's amazing. It's wonderful. But you know, everything gets killed. You kill vegetables, you kill anything you eat, right.  


If somebody wants to eat a strict vegetarian, can they still benefit from your diet?  


Well, my diet isn't a vegetarian diet, but if somebody wants to eat a lot of fats, then they will definitely be helped.  


Including the dairy and the eggs.  


The people who don't eat the meat won't regenerate. 





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