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So, there are situations where this diet cannot help you and you will have to have medical help. Like if you break a bone and you're dislocated and you can't get that bone back in place, go to a doctor.  

Now I broke seven bones in my foot, but never went to a doctor because I found a little 14-year-old girl who used to love to crack people's knuckles. She'd just go around and pick you up and go snap, snap, snap, snap. She just loved doing it. So, when I broke all those bones in my foot, right foot.  

What I did was I went out very early, I was in the desert and riding my bicycle and somebody left a sprinkler on all night, so they had a slick algaeic spot near the curb, and I went from the curb and the wheels were right out from under me, so my toes caught on the curb. Each toe out, so it split the bottom one an inch and a half in, broke the bones here and in the toes, seven breaks.  

So, I went to her and she set them all, so I didn't even have to go to a doctor for that, but this, there's no way it was going to leave my body. The walls he showed with a scope growing up in there, the walls of my bladder are usually smooth. They were. lumpy, like the stone that was in it looked like coral. So, there's some cases when you just have to go to a doctor, and that's in case of kidney or bladder stones, ruptured or inflamed appendix that might ruptured. 

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