Go To Doctor For Broken Bone Only



medical industry

broken bones



With trichinosis, they had no inflammatory bowel disease and they were back five months later asking for more trichinosis. You have to understand that the pharmaceutical industry runs the medical profession. They want you to take medication. The doctors are ignorant parrots, and that's all they are.

They're stupid parrots.


They must know something don't they?


No, there are some bright ones. I've had 50 MDs on this diet.

I didn't do it, they came to me, but there are 50 MDs on this diet that I know of.


General practitioners?


There were all kinds, all kinds of MDs. Specialists of all sorts and general practitioners.

There's no reason to go to a doctor, unless you've broken a bone. You want to have it reset, you lost your nose or some harm to your body, put it back together.

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