Getting Off Medication - Thyroid Hormone








I've always seen that it works better, unless people are taking medication that is addictive or let's say a high blood pressure medication. It can cause quite tremendous reaction; it can cause people to get panicky. So, I'll say do it, get off whatever it is, if it's supplements and stuff like that, you're not gonna have a big reaction, but if you have some kind of medication where you stop you have a radical reaction, you become very unsecure about it, wean off it.  




Hormones usually don't create a radical effect right away; they usually take 6 weeks. Let's say you're taking thyroxin, T-3 or T-4 for the thyroid and usually the thyroid completely stops working during the period while you're taking it and sometimes after 6 weeks all the thyroxin in the thyroid starts to kick in, but when it first starts kicking in it throws off all the toxic thyroxin that's stored in the thyroid, which causes lethargy. So, people may go through that for 2-3 weeks to get rid of it and they'll feel like they need the hormone again. They can just make it through if they coordinate it at a time when they don't have to work, take 3 weeks off the vacation and just meditate. Get some sunshine and enjoy the diet, it's great. Otherwise, you may have to take a little bit, a very small amount for a 5-day period and then stop it again. Whenever you run into that very severe state where you can't function, 5 days on and 5 days off. Until you can break that cycle. 

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